The constitution of Kilanerin-Ballyfad Community Development Association Company Limited by Guarantee (KBCDA CLG) has been reviewed in line with the Charities Regulator Governance Code and the revised document can be viewed at

The objectives are broadly the same as the founding 2005 document apart from a change to the eligibility for ‘Membership’ of the CLG. A Member of a CLG is the equivalent of a shareholder of a private company but as KBCDA CLG is incorporated as a community and voluntary entity without a share capital Membership does not confer any ownership rights or material benefits. Members do have the right to vote at General Meetings, approve plans and elect directors. This change is to ensure that KBCDA CLG is controlled now and in the future by a representative cross-section of the community it serves.

There are various routes to membership such as voluntary service in KBCDA or other local community groups as laid out in the constitution, and also by subscription. If you would like to become a Member by subscription you can complete the Membership Form at

Those who have paid  into the voluntary contribution scheme operated by KBCDA should already have received forms – if not please contact