Taken from the publication ‘Kilanerin’, published c.1987

A note on the Rebellion of 1798
From Musgrave “Rebellion in Ireland

In spite of what some of our history books tell is us it seems that not every body was preparing well in advance for the 1798 rebellion. This address was presented to the Viceroy less than two months before the outbreak of hostilities and curiously enough, among the signatures is that of Fr. John Murphy of Boolavogue.

The following address was presented to the Viceroy, the 18th April 1798:

There follows the signatures of the priests and parishioners of Castlebridge, Ballynamonaboy, Ferns and the Union, Kilmallock, Gorey, Kilcormick (Boolavogue half parish) Tomb, Rosminogue, Ballycanoe, Donoghmore and Kilmuckridge.

Parish of Kilanerin, and barony of Gorey; signed by the undersigned, and one thousand three hundred and sixty inhabitants of said parish. Dated Kilanerin Chapel, April the twelfth, 1798 and published in the Dublin Jornal, the third of May, 1798.

To his excellency, John Jeffries Pratt, Earl of Camden, Lord Lieutenant, and General Governor of Ireland.

We the Roman Catholic inhabitants of the Parish of Kilanerin, in the Barony of Gorey, and county of Wexford, do think it our duty to come forward at the crisis of internal disturbance, this publicly to declare our unalterable attachment to his sacred majesty King George the third; and we do hereby declare, and in the most solemn manner pledge ourselves, to support with our lives, fortunes and influence, his majesty’s happy government established amongst us, determined as we are to exert ourselves for the suppression of rebellion and sedition. And we do likewise solemnly pledge ourselves, should any person attempt to disseminate amongst us seditious or levelling principles all of which we hold in the utmost abhorrence, that we will use our utmost endeavours in bringing such miscreants to condign punishment. And we do further assure all our protestant brethren, of our sincere affection of them, and our absolute determination to co-operate with them in every means in our power, for the support of his happy constitution, the suppression of rebellion, the welfare of his majesty’s government, and in love and loyalty to his sacred person.

And we do request of the right honourable the Earl of Mountnorris and Sir Thomas Esmond, baronet, to present these our declarations to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant.

A reward of one hundred guineas was offered by the Parishes of Kilanerin, Arklow, and Kilgorman (that is the Roman Catholic inhabitants) for the discovery of wicked and designing persons, who spread a report that all the different churches in the neighbourhood were to have been attacked on Sunday the twenty-ninth of April, and that a general assassination of their protestant brethren as to have taken place.

Signed by:

William Ryan (Parish Priest of Arklow and Kilgorman)
John Sinnott (Parish Priest of Kilanerin)
D. Murphy (Parish Curate of Ditto)
Sir Thomas Esmond (Baronet)
Laurence Doyle and Others.

In this they assure their protestant brethren, that they wish to have no interest separate from theirs.