Welcome to the 2nd Annual Kilanerin.com Poetry Competition. The competition is open to the 6th class students from the three parish schools, Kilanerin, Ballyfad and Ballythomas. This year saw 28 students in total participate in the competition with a great selection of poetry for the Judges to go through.

Congratulations to the 2012 winner Adam Boukhima for his poem ‘The School Holiday’, and to the runner-ups Alice Colfer, Amy Roche and Stephen Neville.

The judges this year were Oliver Stephens & Vincent Somers. Oliver and Vincent are a part of the local drama group The Tabletop Players who recently performed John B Keane’s play ‘The Year of the Hiker’. They both directed the play with Oliver also playing the role of the ‘Hiker’ Lacey. After the success of the shows in Kilanerin, the Tabletop Players took the play to Gorey and Enniscorthy.

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Kilanerin.com would like to thank the judges for their time in choosing the winners. Thanks to all the advertising sponsors who helped to get this wonderful booklet printed Thanks also to the community secretary for all her time and help. A finally thanks to all the 6th class students and their teachers for taking the time to submit their entries, without them this annual competition would not be possible or the success it is.