The following information was taken from the publication ‘Kilanerin’.

The first formal school in Kilanerin was built in 1831 during the pastorate of Canon Peter Doyle. Lady Margaret Eliza Barry, sister of Sir Thomas Esmonde contributed very generously to the construction costs and to the furnishings. In her will she left £100 per annum to be used to aid the education of the poorer children of the parish. At that time there were two schools, one for the boys and one for the girls. The teacher’s residence was located between the two schools.

The first Principal teacher is believed to me a Mr. Thomas Kennedy who was born in 1840 and trained in Marlboro College in the years 1859-1861. His wife Matilda Kennedy was Principal of the girl’s school.

In 1960 Mr. Martin Kealy was appointed Principal of the boy’s school. He was a native of Carlow and was teaching in a small school in Sceach, Co. Kilkenny. His wife Mrs. C. Kealy was Principal of the Girls school. The Kealy Family lived in the school residence. They had eleven children.

The present school in Kilanerin was built in 1956. The two old schools were replaced in 1956 with the one school, which is still in use to this day. The school consists of four classrooms.