Welcome to the 6th Annual Kilanerin.com Poetry Competition. The competition is open to the 6th class students from the three parish schools, Kilanerin, Ballyfad and Ballythomas. This year saw 31 students participate in the competition.

Congratulations to the 2016 winner Catherine D’Arcy for her poem ‘Do what makes you happy’, and to the runner-ups Katie Cunningham, Laura Ivers and Michaela Chambers.

The judges this year were Bernie Walsh and Carol Boland from the Gorey Writers. Gorey Writers was founded in 2006 by Bernie Walsh. As they are 10 years old this year, the writers are launching an anthology of Short Stories, poems, haiku and prose poetry in November 2016. There is about 16 people in our group and meet on Thursdays in the Gorey Library.

Note from the Judges
We would like to congratulate all the entrants to the 6th Annual Kilanerin.com Poetry Competition. It was a pleasure to read all the poems submitted and a difficult task to choose a winner.  We hope that this competition will continue to encourage the pupils of Ballythomas, Kilanerin and Ballyfad National Schools to keep on writing.

If you would like a free printed version of the calendar, it is available in the community office and other places locally, or else please contact us and we can arrange for you to get a copy.

Click here to view the 6th Annual Kilanerin.com Poetry Competition Booklet

Click here to view pdf of the 6th Annual Kilanerin.com Poetry Competition 2016

Calendar Imagery
The images used for each month were provided by the three schools.



Kilanerin.com would like to thank Bernie Walsh and Carol Boland for their time in judging the competition. Thanks to all the advertising sponsors and the Kilanerin-Ballyfad Community Development Association who helped to get this wonderful calendar booklet printed. A final thanks to all the 6th class students and their teachers for taking the time to submit their entries, without them this annual competition would not be possible or the success that it is.