Morning mass Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am.  Saturday 7.30pm and Sunday 9am.

Eucharistic adoration on Thursday 10am to 12 noon.


Morning mass Tuesday and Friday 9.30 a.m. Saturday 6.30 p.m. months mind mass Jacj Woodbyrne Pallas Sunday 11 a.m. anniversary mass Pat & Margaret Lawlor Kilanerin Jenn Dixon Pallas.   Eucharistic adoration on Tuesday from after monring mass to 9 p.m.


By way of remembering our dead during the month of November and as part or our prayers and masses for the Pious List a wreath will be laid on the grave of Mrs Anne D’Arcy near the chapel door at Ballyfad.   Anne was one of the last tenants to be evicted in the Coolgreany/Ballyfad/ Croghan evictions of 1887.

By laying this wreath on Sunday, 30th November, after the 9am mass we are honouring all who suffered eviction and displacement in the locality one hundred and twenty seven years ago and played their part in Irelands long and tedious march to nationhood. Anne D’Arcy nee Osborne married in 1850 and came to Ballyfad from Knocknagapple. She showed forth the true Fenian spirit of her time in defeance of her homested faith and fatherland. She was offered shelter for a time in the vestry of Ballyfad before regaining her home. She died just two years afterwards.

All are welcome to attend.